7 Deadly Sins In Tennis – You NEED To Avoid These Errors

7 Deadly Sins In Tennis – You NEED To Avoid These Errors
If you’re serious about becoming a better tennis player and want to win more matches, it’s vital that you avoid these seven deadly sins in tennis. Download our FREE Tennis guides here –
These aren’t rules that you’ll find in a tennis rulebook, but they should be rules that you play tennis by. These seven errors are very costly for winning tennis matches, and you need to avoid these errors.
In this tennis lesson, Coach Simon Konov of Top Tennis Training will share with you the seven deadly sins in tennis, and how to avoid them.
Deadly Tennis Sin Seven:
This tennis sin is hitting approach shots crosscourt, unless you have a clear opening or are attacking a weakness. There is a time and a place for hitting your approach shot crosscourt, for example, if you want to hit into a weaker backhand of an opponent. However, in general, you want to hit 80% of your approach shots down the line, so that you can cover the down the line pass and be in a good position at the net.
Deadly Tennis Sin Six:
This tennis sin is recovering to the middle of the tennis court after every shot, instead of moving into the correct position. The only time you should recover right into the middle of the tennis court is when you’ve hit your shot directly into the middle of the opponent’s court. At all other times, you should be recovering off centre on one half of the court, so that you’re in the middle of your opponent’s two best possible shots.
Deadly Tennis Sin Five:
This tennis sin is going down the line when you have no real reason to do so. Hitting down the line in tennis is something you should earn by creating space or getting a shorter ball.
When rallying, avoid going down the line unless you have the upper hand, as down the line is a higher risk shot.
Deadly Tennis Sin Four:
This tennis sin is trying to use different grips to volley with. Time is a very valuable commodity at the net, and trying to change grips between each volley will cost you time and cause you to hit many errors. We should all be using one grip at the net, the continental tennis grip. This allows you to hit every type of volley with the same grip.
Deadly Tennis Sin Three:
This tennis sin is hitting the net. When playing tennis, try to take the net out of play by lifting the ball a few feet at least over the net. Rafa Nadal often plays with 2-3 metres of net clearance, so he knows there’s no chance he’ll hit the ball into the net.
Deadly Tennis Sin Two:
This tennis sin is holding your breath.
Deadly Tennis Sin One:
This tennis sin is not tracking the ball.

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