Courting – Tennis (Official Audio)

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Produced by James Dring
Visuals by Thomas Rawle

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I’d be your paypig, bank account
Double glazed in the summer house
A wristwatch kickback
Luxury furnishing…

Did we all take it a bit too far?
“You said you liked me in cricket whites!”
“But what would your dad think?” (tell me)
“Would you’d find me attractive if I had smaller muscles?”

It’s just a questionnaire, I’m not a guesthouse
There is trade involved
I’m paying you to fuck me
I’ve been playing ball since the first serve

Just playing Tennis


I’m not some piggybank, you can’t just piggyback off me
There is trade involved, I was paying you to LOVE me
and I’m in GREAT shape(!)
The grass is always greener in the country house

I’ve got a celebratory blue wig with stripes down the side
You’re a night in the holiday inn
I’m a breakfast bar with an unusual toasting conveyor belt

This is not your name
you don’t own it, and we can’t share it anymore
I’ve grown up so much since Tuesday
and I can count the hairs on my chest now
All the best … to the sleigh bell operator
But I can go at it alone, this is a solo project and
the hits will be stronger for it

I’ve been playing ball for over a year

Just playing Tennis

#courting #tennis

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