Intense Tennis Drills with Top 200 Pro | ATP Comeback Tour | Ep 1

Today is day 1 of my ATP Tour comeback and we enlisted the help of my good friend and former ATP World No.184 Josh Goodall to help with intense tennis drills to get me back in shape quickly. Do you want to train like a pro? Download our free pdf guides:

You are watching coach Alex from Top Tennis Training; a former ATP world no.266 who was forced to retire 10 years ago following two knee surgeries that made competing impossible…so coaching was the obvious route to take. Years have passed but the will to compete never went away so now could be the last chance to do something about it! Do you think this is a bad idea?

In Episode 1 I try to improve my forehand which was once a weapon in my game and helped me win many matches in both singles and doubles, i train how to kill short balls and earn the easy ball to put away as a progression.

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In this episode:
00:00 High intensity forehands
00:45 Warm up hitting
02:40 Tennis forehand drill 1
06:06 Tennis forehand drill 2
09:50 Evaluation of Training

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