Tennis with YouTuber Adam C. – USTA NTRP 4.5 vs new 4.0 Highlights HD

Adam C. also lives in the Bay Area, so we got together for an indoor match on a rainy weekend. Adam went 9-0 in 3.5 league last year and just got bumped up to 4.0 We played a Fast 4 first set Then to even things up, I started every game down 0-30 in second set. I won 4-0, 6-1. Adam’s always looking to improve, so I’m sure he’s happy to hear constructive feedback. Check out his channel below and throw him a sub if you like his content!
#tennis #tennistim #tennishighlights #fast4
– Adam’s channel:
– Adam: white hat; Tim: white shirt
– My camera:
– My tripod:
– Current version of my racquet (I use the 2017 version):
– My main strings:
– My cross strings:
– Ending song: February by luvbird

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